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Monitoring & Communications

Monitoring your energy usage and the state-of-charge of your battery bank will help to keep your battery storage system happy and healthy. There are a number of different monitoring options available depending on your system configuration.

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Reposit Software & App 

Reposit learns, adapts and predicts your energy usage so you’re getting the most from your solar. What’s more, you’ll save on your energy bills which means, on average, you’ll pay off your battery in half the time. Reposit even sells your power back to the grid when the prices are highest – earning you GridCredits™ and an even lower power bill.

With the Reposit app, you can keep an eye on your energy usage, get real-time notifications when you’re earning GridCredits™ and find out where else you can save on your home energy usage.

Sunny Home Manager – Smart Home System

Have access to key data at any time, from any location. The Sunny Home Manager offers all functions for seamless PV system monitoring, smart energy management and an integrated energy management solution. It provides an overview of all energy flows in the household, automatic load control, and the integration of storage. The PV system operator can use the live display to quickly get updated on energy home management, with data updated every ten seconds. PV forecast data allows for optimum load management and a considerably higher rate of self-consumption.

WebBox Remote Monitoring

The WebBox is the high-performance communication & monitoring hub. Connected to SMA’s user-friendly Sunny Portal web interface, data from the WebBox is interpreted and transformed into clear graphs. This makes plant performance data easily accessible onsite and offsite through remote computers.

Brand-Specific App

Many companies are now bringing out their own monitoring apps or web-based monitoring. Each monitoring system has different functionality and user interface, and of course if specific to the brand of equipment that you have in your system.

Colour Control Display

The Victron Color Control GX provides intuitive equipment control and monitoring. Information is also forwarded to our free remote monitoring website: the VRM Online Portal. To get an impression of the VRM Online Portal, visit, and try a demo.

Efergy Home Energy Monitor

Be informed about energy and power inside your house. The Efergy monitor is a small, tabletop LCD display unit that shows you your energy and power consumption. It wirelessly transmits information from your circuit board to the unit located in your house. This is a good way to check that your usage remains comfortably within your systems limitations and design parameters – the unit even alerts you when you use excessive power (kW). Easily monitor the energy and power that you are using and compare this usage over days, weeks or months (kWh).

Kilowatt Hour (kWh) Meters

Kilowatt hour meters are installed in the system switchboard and can provide basic information about household energy use and system performance.

State Of Charge (SOC) Indicator

A battery bank SOC indicator provides a percentage indication of your battery bank SOC and is an essential monitoring component for off grid systems.

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