What’s the difference between a micro-grid and virtual power plant?

We often get asked what’s the difference between a virtual power plant and micro grid?  Often you will hear the terms being used interchangeable, but they are different… Micro-grids: A micro-grid is a miniature model of a complete grid system where you have a form of electricity generation, storage, distribution and consumption, all within clearly […]

What is a virtual power plant?

Whilst the term virtual power plant (VPP) has been around for awhile now, what does it actually mean and how will they play an important part in our future energy systems? Let’s start with a typical household. If no one is home, then electricity is low if only appliances such as refrigerator using power through […]

Women in Renewables

Main image: Emily Driscoll I’ll begin this article by explaining why I was motivated to write it, and what prompted me to think about my place as a female in the renewable energy industry. I am a member of a number of renewable energy industry forums, and I recently followed a technical discussion between fellow industry professionals that quickly regressed into sexist comments and inappropriate images. […]