Wombat Forest Meteorological Station

Objectives & Site Considerations: OzFlux is a network of micrometeorological flux stations located at various sites within Australia and New Zealand. OzFlux is part of a global network of over 500 sites where exchanges of carbon dioxide, water vapour, and energy are measured continuously over long periods. The Wombat Forest research site was established in January 2010 […]

‘From Grape to Glass’ – The Tintilla Estate off-grid experience

Tintilla Winery - Comprehensive off-grid solar power system

Yet another fantastic case study from Off-Grid Earth that features an Off-Grid Energy Australia install undertaken at Tintilla Estate in the Hunter Valley NSW. Damien chats with owners Robert and James Lusby about their off-grid experiences, including some of their challenges and favourable experiences of living an unrestricted life powered by the sun.  

Power Upgrade for Ilkurlka Roadhouse & Visitor Centre

Objectives & Site Considerations: The Ilkurlka Roadhouse and Visitor Centre had been running off an existing off-grid system since 2004, with subsequent upgrades in 2011, 2018, and 2020. The Inverter/Charger now needed replacing, as well as an upgrade to the size of the solar array. Given the extremely remote location, the installation team needed to […]

Off Grid Garden of Eden NSW

Objectives & Site Considerations: Garden of Eden Australia is owned and operated by Alexis Cartwright and Kay Bowden. As their website says, the off grid experience at the Garden of Eden slows you down. Away from the hustle and bustle of modern life, at the Garden of Eden you can sit back, breathe in, and […]

Tjuntjuntjara Community, Spinifex Land Management Centre

Objectives & Site Considerations: Pila Nguru supports the Spinifex People’s aspirations for cultural and natural heritage management by facilitating the intergenerational transfer of cultural knowledge. The new Spinifex Land Management Centre and Ranger Station needed an off-grid system to supply its power needs. The Centre included accommodation buildings, offices, seed storage and lab facilities, and […]

Mt Boothby Pastoral Off-Grid Feed Mill

Objectives & Site Considerations: Mt Boothby Pastoral Co is a family-owned, mixed farming operation including cows, sheep, pigs and cropping. The Feed Mill property had been running entirely on diesel, which was extremely expensive and labour-intensive for the organisation. Load Analysis: Average summer demand: 129.5kWh Average winter demand: 129.5kWh Demand surge: 75.4kW System Design: Selectronic […]

Duck Island Residence, Studio, and Cattle Grazing

The single phase SWER line main supply near the build site was insufficient to provide power for the 3-phase requirements of the home, and the main supply was unable to be upgraded economically.