Flinders Island Off-Grid Home

Objectives & Site Considerations: These clients needed power for their full-time house (two person occupancy) with room for occasional visitors. The client would be arranging ac sub-mains electrical connection and internet connection from the system-switchboard to the house-switchboard. The battery system would be installed in a dedicated room within the shed. Flinders Island is one […]

Grid Connected Battery System Replacement

Objectives & Site Considerations: The client had an existing 24V battery system installed along with a 5kW solar array, but the original installer couldn’t get the battery system to work. After exhausting options with the original installer, the client came to us to design a more suitable battery system to completely replace the existing non-functional […]

‘Grid Defection’ – Disconnecting from the electricity grid

Objectives & Site Considerations: This retired client owned an energy-efficient suburban house south of Adelaide and wanted to make their home standalone for power to give them independence from electricity retailers and energy policy. The system would need to accommodate future EV charging, and they would be removing their gas heater but keeping gas for […]

Reducing Electricity Costs with Solar and Batteries

Objectives & Site Considerations: At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, The client’s daughter and her family moved back into their home with them in the Snowy Mountains. With three generations now living under one roof, working from home, and home-schooling their grandchildren, they wanted some relief from increasing electricity costs. The original ground-mounted solar […]

Grid Independence in Central Victoria

Objectives & Site Considerations: This client had an existing grid-connected house on a farm property that he wanted to take ‘off-grid’ as much as possible. Energy independence was a big driver for him, as well as blackout protection because outages are common in the area. The client expressed a preference for lithium-ion batteries and premium-quality […]

Off-Grid Home plus Guest House

Objectives & Site Considerations: Omar got in touch with us in 2017 to get a quote on upgrading an existing off-grid system on his property. The existing 24V system wasn’t suitable for upgrading, so it was replaced with a new off-grid system that was suitable for his needs. After the original off-grid system installation in […]

Tjuntjuntjara Community, Spinifex Land Management Centre

Objectives & Site Considerations: Pila Nguru supports the Spinifex People’s aspirations for cultural and natural heritage management by facilitating the intergenerational transfer of cultural knowledge. The new Spinifex Land Management Centre and Ranger Station needed an off-grid system to supply its power needs. The Centre included accommodation buildings, offices, seed storage and lab facilities, and […]

Off-Grid Lithium Batteries and Ground Mounted Solar

Objectives & Site Considerations: This client was referred to us by another one of our clients. He had an estimated cost of connection to the mains grid of around $50,000 because the nearest pole was 800m away. They were building a new home and would be having gas cooking and gas hydronic floor heating. The […]

Duck Island Residence, Studio, and Cattle Grazing

The single phase SWER line main supply near the build site was insufficient to provide power for the 3-phase requirements of the home, and the main supply was unable to be upgraded economically.

One Off-Grid Property, Two Off-Grid Homes

Solar panels on new home on the property

Robert & Sue had their original system installed with us in March 2015, and when they decided to build another home on the same property they contacted us to provide a new off-grid system to power it.