Peaceful Off-Grid Beach House

Solar panels for off-grid system on Hindmarsh Island

Because mains power wasn’t within the vicinity, it would have been extremely expensive to connect to the property. The customer was also very keen to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Farm Shed Off-Grid Power

Solar panels for small off-grid system on the farm

The client needed power for a farm shed, to supply basic needs like the fridge, lights, and a water pump and was happy to run any occasional larger loads directly from the generator.

‘The Brook’ Tiny House

'The Brook' tiny house - ariel view of solar panels

Budget and space were two main drivers for this off-grid system design, given that this was a tiny home in design and construction phase.

Off Grid in the Adelaide Hills

Ground mounted solar panel array in Adelaide Hills

The customer had an old off grid system that needed replacing. We needed to fit a new solar array to the existing ground mounted frames as well as adding a new ground mounted solar array.

Living and Working Off Grid

Damiens off-grid power system in country NSW

Why should we hand over so much money, only for the network to own the infrastructure, with the added bonus of us having to pay them for power. That was the obvious question. And going off grid was the obvious answer

Brian ‘BT’ Taylor Goes Offgrid

Off-Grid solar system - Great Ocean Rd - VIC

Brian & Tania purchased an existing off grid home on the Great Ocean Road, but the existing off grid system on the property was too small for their needs and had to be replaced.