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BYD Batteries

BYD Batteries
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Founded in February 1995, BYD has grown to be the largest manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries globally – employing 220,000 people. BYD has manufactured lithium-ion batteries for many electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers across the world – including Australia. In the last few years have developed their battery storage range for homes and businesses. 


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BYD BBOX L-ion Battery Cabinet
BYD BBOX L-ion Battery Cabinet


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BYD Battery Box Datasheet




  1. 2.5 BYD BBox batteries x 2. Dropping from 100% down to 48% as soon as the sun goes down with no load on the system. Totally off grid system on my farm in the SW of Western Australia. Problem has been for about a year, the installer will not come back to check or fix, These are BYD batteries and I would like someone to help me please. Have you heard of anything similar to this before. getting the absolute run around from the installer. Has not been back since installation 2 years ago

    • Hi Brad,
      Sorry for the delay in replying to your message – and sorry to hear that you’ve been abandoned by your installer with this issue.
      It certainly sounds like you have a problem here, but without knowing a lot more information about your system and demand we’re not able to conclude exactly what that might be. Also – the fact that you’ve only got 2x BYD modules in an off grid system is alarming, but may not be the only thing causing problems.
      If you’d like to discuss things further, please email us at and we can take things from there.
      Thanks very much,

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