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Off-Grid Energy Australia are leaders in the Australian battery storage industry - with expert knowledge, and installations that have been Internationally recognised as best-practice.
Off-Grid Energy

Australia's Trusted Battery Storage Experts

Commercial Battery Storage

Off-Grid Energy Australia are national leaders in designing, implementing, operating, and servicing distributed storage systems, and we are continuing to lead the industry through strategic partnerships with some of the best companies in the world.

The team at Off-Grid Energy bring together extensive industry experience in renewable distributed energy solutions, and members of our team have been involved in some of Australia’s pioneering renewable energy projects.

Off-Grid Energy also provides design and feasibility services to the public and private sectors.

"As one of the most experienced domestic energy storage companies in Australia, our professional and innovative team is dedicated to challenging Australia’s incumbent energy paradigm and advancing progressive technologies for the betterment of Australian society."






Solar is a cost-effective and easy way for businesses to reduce their operational costs and environmental footprint. We can provide commercial solar and battery storage systems for off-grid properties, fringe-of-grid smoothing, and grid connected applications.

Contact us to find out the site-specific benefits of a solar and/or storage system for your business. Our feasibility assessment and quotation includes the benefits & risks, system options (including component details), detailed site plans (including satellite imaging, meteorological data, 3D modelling), return on investment estimates, and information about any applicable incentives/rebates. We will also run through the process involved for adhering to any relevant regulations or network approval requirements.

Commercial Solar & Storage FAQ

Roof Space & Orientation
Solar is ideally installed on a northerly aspect, on a roof area with minimal shading or obstacles.

Ground-Mounted Solar Arrays
If appropriate roof space is unavailable but there is ample property area, then ground-mounted solar array frames are a good option.

This is specific to your circumstances, and is difficult to say without further assessment.

Generally speaking most of our commercial clients will expect to see significant electricity cost reductions and roughly a 4 year return on investment.

Our feasibility assessment can provide a clear understanding of what you might expect your future energy costs to be, with solar and/or battery storage installed.

Monitoring solutions provide a ‘real-time’ overview of how your system is functioning – from simple local monitoring, to in-depth reporting and remote access options.

Improve your employee awareness of daily energy usage, and promote buy-in on measures to reduce that usage.

Publicly viewable monitoring can increase customer awareness of your businesses green credentials, and build loyalty with your brand.

Yes, we can certainly include a tailored servicing & maintenance package in your quotation if required.

In most cases, maintenance on solar and/or storage systems only involves keeping an eye on the system monitoring to make sure things are functioning normally.

Systems installed in remote areas might need panel cleaning scheduled regularly due to dust buildup on the solar modules.

Commercial Clients

Our experience has been developed through the delivery of projects for companies such as:

Commercial Case Studies

Awards & Endorsements

Our dedication, expertise and our strong business acumen have been rewarded with Off-Grid Energy Australia winning the Telstra Australian Business Awards SA Startup of the Year, the Australian Small Business Champion, finalist for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year, and listed in Financial Review (formerly BRW) Fast100.

Off-Grid Energy is a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer, Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer, Reposit Power Accredited Partner, ZCell Endorsed Installer, and a Selectronic Approved Installer.

We are members of the Clean Energy Council, Smart Energy Council, Alternative Technology Association, and the international Alliance for Rural Electrification – solidifying our ongoing commitment to, and influential position within, the renewable energy industry.