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Commercial Solar Systems

Solar systems provide businesses with a simple and cost-effective method of reducing energy costs – helping to free-up cashflow, provide energy security, and improve environmental impacts.

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Commercial Solar Systems

Solar can provide your business with energy security, more stable and predictable operating costs, and improve cashflow.

Live system performance monitoring can be included to enhance promotion of your environmental efforts to your customers and employees.

Systems can be designed ready for adding battery storage in future – for further energy independence and security.

The environmental benefits of a solar and storage system cannot be understated. Australian energy generation is the single highest source of carbon emissions, so installing solar and storage is the best way to make an impact.

As an added benefit, solar installed on your premises is likely to increase the value of your property if you are looking to sell or lease in the future.

Return on Investment for Commercial Solar Systems

Solar is a smart financial choice – especially with electricity prices continuing to skyrocket, and solar at record low prices.

Your ROI will depend on factors such as energy usage, time of use, tariffs, location, and equipment size & choice. Generally speaking though, you can expect see roughly a 3 to 7 year return on investment on a solar installation.

Our feasibility assessment can provide you with information on the potential upfront costs, rebates & incentives available, and financing options available for your application.


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Awards & Endorsements

Our dedication, expertise and our strong business acumen have been rewarded with Off-Grid Energy Australia winning the Telstra Australian Business Awards SA Startup of the Year, the Australian Small Business Champion, finalist for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year, and listed in Financial Review (formerly BRW) Fast100.

Off-Grid Energy is a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer, Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer, Reposit Power Accredited Partner, ZCell Endorsed Installer, and a Selectronic Approved Installer.

We are members of the Clean Energy Council, Smart Energy Council, Alternative Technology Association, and the international Alliance for Rural Electrification – solidifying our ongoing commitment to, and influential position within, the renewable energy industry.

  • CEC Approved Solar Retailer
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  • Aust Business Award Winner
  • Alliance for Rural Electrification Member
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  • EY Entrepreneur 2014 Nominee
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  • Business Champion Award Winner
  • Fastest Growing Business Finalist