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Grid Battery Storage – BYD BBox + Reposit

The B-Box Battery Energy Storage Systems come in easy-to-install modular battery cabinets. Available in both HV (high-voltage) model for residential use plus an LV (low-voltage) model for off-grid, residential and commercial applications.

The brain power in your standard battery is limited, but with Reposit we can make it nothing short of genius. Reposit learns, adapts and predicts your energy usage so you’re getting
the most from your solar. What’s more, you’ll save on your energy bills which means, on average, you’ll pay off your battery in half the time. Reposit even sells your power back to the grid when the prices are highest – earning you GridCredits and an even lower power bill.

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The B-Box HV series is a sleek and stylish solution that is perfect for the average sized Australian household. The modularity of the B-Box also provides flexibility and capability for the homeowner to add additional storage at a later date. To assist installers, the B-Box HV is IP55 and is very quick and easy to install, with only one technician required to install.

High Power Output: ideal for off-grid applications where surging loads are used
Flexible Extension: modular design allows for flexible expansion of sizes
Quick & Easy Install: modules can be installed by a single technician
Low Maintenance: fully automated, maintenance free operation
Monitoring: web and mobile monitoring via Reposit software

Reposit uses dynamic charging using forward- looking weather and load predictions to optimise Time of Use (TOU) tariffs. It automatically avoids peak rates and prefers charging from solar first or from off- peak ($0.10/kWh). Provides genuine financial rewards for helping solve grid problems such as ‘peak demand’ and associated rising energy prices caused by infrastructure upgrades.


  • Systems installed from: $10,295
  • *Displayed prices are only a guide. Some sites require additional hardware or electrical/mechanical modification/preparation, or additional freight and travel


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    Solar Battery Storage Range


    Enphase AC Battery

    The Enphase AC Battery is an affordable, wall mounted, modular battery unit that is simple to install and easy to expand on.

    Tesla Powerwall 2

    This wall or floor mounted unit pairs with a number of compatible battery inverters, and is perfect for people looking for an economical solar storage product to help reduce power bills and reliance on retailers.

    Home Autonomy ESS

    The Autonomy ESS is the highest capacity and most flexible and versatile system available for on grid use. This system provides your building blocks for eventual grid disconnection and off-grid living.

    The Off-Grid Energy Advantage

    Installing battery storage isn’t as simple as installing plain solar. Our head technician has been designing off-grid systems since 2002, and our core team has been working with battery systems since 2006.
    Quality Components
    It’s unwise to make compromises when you are energy independent. There is a world of difference in the quality of system components, so we make sure we only source the very best.
    Expert Design
    Inferior off-grid systems provide frustratingly unreliable power and a costly short system life due to poor sizing, mismatched equipment, non-compliant design, and unsafe installation. Our expert technicians ensure these pitfalls are avoided.
    Happy Customers
    We have hundreds of happy battery storage customers across Australia. When you ask us for a customer reference, we can provide someone with an off-grid system just like yours.
    We understand the responsibility of providing reliable power, and being available 24/7 to troubleshoot. We value honesty and integrity in our staff, and always strive to exceed expectations.
    Endorsed, Certified & Awarded
    Our fantastic, hard working team has proudly received numerous awards, industry endorsements, and certifications from respected organisations.


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