Fiji Crab Company

Fiji solar



System Design: 

  • 114 x Tindo Solar 265W solar modules
  • SMA Sunny Tripower 15000TL 3 Phase
  • Flat roof-mount array framing

Remote Food Facility



Earth Science Laboratories needed a small system to power a food facility in a remote part of Vanuatu.

Site Considerations:

System needed to be ‘supply only’ for installation by the company locally. Off-Grid Energy needed to complete the system design, prefabrication, programming, and testing.

System Design: 

  • Victron EasySolar with integrated 24V inverter/charger & solar regulator
  • Sonnenschein VRLA sealed gel batteries (4.3kWh)
  • 4 x Jinko 260W Solar Panels (1.04 kWp)
  • Tilted roof-mount solar racking (adjustable)
  • Victron BMV702 battery monitor