Harmony House

Harmony House Rural Property Solar Panels 1

Objectives & Site Considerations
Richard and his family wanted to build a house that was as sustainable as possible – relying on their own solar energy to run their home.
Using the Design for Place house plans from the YourHome website, they would make use of passive solar design (thermal mass, cross-ventilation and window placement) to reduce their energy requirements.

Load Analysis
Ave Summer Demand: 13.84kWh/day
Ave Winter Demand: 18.12kWh/day
Design Surge: 7.33kW

System Design
1 x Selectronic SP PRO SPMC482 Inverter Charger
24 x BAE VRLA Sealed Gel Batteries (76.8kWh)
48 x REC Solar 290W solar modules (13.92kW)
2 x Fronius Primo 6.0-1 solar inverters
Selectronic ‘Quick View’ monitoring with tablet display

Project Outcome
The winter energy production generously accommodates the household usage, and summer production far exceeds what is used. The battery bank has rarely been below 80%, and Richard has future plans to purchase an electric vehicle (EV) with at-home charging.

Harmony House appears on the YourHome website https://www.yourhome.gov.au/case-studies/Inverloch-Victoria, and was a feature house at this year’s Sustainable House Day https://sustainablehouseday.com/listing/harmony-house/

Sustainable House Day Video;

For a fantastic in-depth look at Richard’s house-building journey, check out his website here: https://harmonyhouse.com.au/power.html

Off-Grid with Lithium-ion Batteries

off grid lithium ion system


The customer was building a new home and would have had a large cost of connection to the electricity grid. They wanted a system that would be hassle-free and comfortably meet their needs, and to use the latest technology.

Site Considerations:

The shed was the idea place for the system to be installed, with the batteries stacked on top of each other to safe on space. Being in a cold climate area, allowances needed to be made for low solar input in winter.

System Design: 

  • SMA Sunny Island 8.0 Inverter Charger
  • BMZ ESS7.0 lithium-ion battery unit (20kWh)
  • 32 x Tindo Solar 260W solar modules
  • 2 x SMA Sunny Boy 4000TL
  • Tilted roof-mount array framing

Tesla Powerwall with Existing Solar

tesla powerwall


The customer wanted a battery storage system to use more of his solar, and buy less power from the grid. He liked the idea of having some backup ability as well, but this wasn’t a necessity.

Site Considerations:

System needed to retrofit to his existing SMA solar array, and be installed outside along a protected service wall.

System Design: 

  • SMA Sunny Boy Storage 2.5
  • 7kWh Tesla Powerwall
  • SMA Sunny Portal monitoring
  • Existing 7kW solar array

Off The Grid With An EV

Solar array installation


Customer had a sizeable cost to connect to the grid, and also wanted a renewable source of power for his home. He also wanted his off grid system to be set up to accommodate his new EV so it would be charged via solar.

Site Considerations:

Shed available for solar and system install; EV charging managed directly from solar

System Design: 

  • OEA Complete 65-48 System
  • OEA Adapt mount – installs in customers shed
  • 40kWh sealed gel battery storage
  • 10.5kW Polycrystalline solar array on shed
  • SMA Webbox monitoring & communication system

Off-Grid Lithium-ion System Upgrade

Lithium-ion System Upgrade


Customers existing standalone power system was insufficient for their needs and was failing. Required larger capacity, the latest technology and integrate old solar

Load Analysis:

5.2-4.2kWh average daily winter/summer demand; 5.8kW design surge

Site Considerations:

Flat roof requires optimal tilt frames to improve winter solar ouput; clear old system

System Design:

  • OEA Complete 60-48 System – 6kW 1-phase output
  • OEA Adapt mount – install on customer veranda
  • 5kWh L-ion battery storage with BMS
  • 6kW Monocrystalline solar array on optimal tilt frames
  • Integrate old solar array via dc-shunt and PL40 controller

Solar for Business

30kW grid connected solar system


Mel Schmidt Panel Works is a panel beating business in Mildura, VIC. With almost all of their energy being used during the day, Loris & Craig from Mel Schmidt wanted to install solar to get rid of their power bills entirely.

Site Considerations:

Solar placement was easy with such a large workshop roof area to work with. The low roof pitch meant installing additional solar to make up for the shortfall. The workshop roof was 4m in height so adequate safety equipment was required, and grid restrictions limited the array size to 30kW.

System Design: 

  • 28kW Trina Solar roof mounted solar array
  • 2 x SMA Sunny Tripower 15000TL
  • 3-phase output