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  • off grid battery storage
  • Large battery system
Project Name Large New Home with High Cost of Grid Connection
System Type/Application Off-Grid – Complete System
Location Hunter Region, NSW
Installed June 2015
Key Brands SMA, LG, BAE, Kubota
  • off grid battery storage
  • Large battery system

Project Detail


Had a cost of connection, which encouraged him to explore off grid. New build home with 2 semi-detached dwellings (both occupied). Needed a large capacity and robust system to deal with a large potential demand.

As an accountant understood the benefits/economics of owning your own power station supply.

Load Analysis:

51-45kWh average daily winter/summer demand; 16.5kW design surge

Site Considerations:

Large shed available for optimal system installation

System Design:

  • OEA Comprehensive 160-48 System – 16kW 1-phase output
  • OEA Adapt mount – install in shed
  • 136kWh sealed gel battery storage (made to order)
  • 3kW Monocrystalline solar array flush + optimally tilted on shed roof – yielding an estimated 119% of average demand, and 90% in winter
  • 9KVA backup generator (autostart)
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