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No Electricity Bills

Solar panel installation
Project Name No Electricity Bills
System Type/Application Grid Storage – Autonomy (Import Only) System
Location Bathurst, NSW
Installed November 2014
Key Brands SMA, Trina, Sonnenschein

Project Detail


Strong green motivations and also to negate electricity bills.

Was very keen to incorporate the system design into the home. Actively involved throughout planning, and this provided an excellent integrated result.

Load Analysis:

14.2-17.5kWh average daily winter/summer demand; 5,2kW design surge

Site Considerations:

Custom built equipment room, and large optimised solar roof area

System Design:

  • OEA Grid Autonomy 60-48 (Import Only) System – 6kW 1-phase output
  • OEA Adapt mount – install in plant room
  • 31kWh sealed gel battery storage
  • 5kW Polycrystalline solar array on north roof surface – yielding an estimated 120% of average demand, and 73% in winter