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Off-Grid with Lithium-ion Batteries

  • off grid lithium ion system
Project Name Off-Grid with Lithium-ion Batteries
System Type/Application Off-Grid - Complete System with Lithium-ion
Location Outside Ballarat, VIC
Installed Feb 2016
Key Brands SMA, BMZ, Tindo Solar, Clenergy
  • off grid lithium ion system

Project Detail


The customer was building a new home and would have had a large cost of connection to the electricity grid. They wanted a system that would be hassle-free and comfortably meet their needs, and to use the latest technology.

Site Considerations:

The shed was the idea place for the system to be installed, with the batteries stacked on top of each other to safe on space. Being in a cold climate area, allowances needed to be made for low solar input in winter.

System Design: 

  • SMA Sunny Island 8.0 Inverter Charger
  • BMZ ESS7.0 lithium-ion battery unit (20kWh)
  • 32 x Tindo Solar 260W solar modules
  • 2 x SMA Sunny Boy 4000TL
  • Tilted roof-mount array framing