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Off-Grid ‘Tree Change’ For A Young Family

  • SA Solar system
  • Battery storage unit
Project Name Young Family Off-Grid ‘Tree Change’
System Type/Application Off-Grid – Complete System
Location Mt George, SA
Installed December 2013
Key Brands SMA, Sonnenschein, Trina, Kubota
  • SA Solar system
  • Battery storage unit

Project Detail


Customers moving to existing country off-grid home with insufficient existing standalone power system

Load Analysis:

15.6-16.7kWh average daily winter/summer demand; 7.2kW design surge

Site Considerations:

Only east 2nd storey roof exposed; No shed or equipment room available

System Design:

  • OEA Complete 80-48 System – 8kW 1-phase output
  • OEA EnergyBox System enclosure – side wall installation
  • 57kWh sealed gel battery storage
  • 5kW Polycrystalline solar array on 2nd storey eastern surface + 3.25kW on optimal northern tilts
  • 11KVA backup generator (autostart)