‘Comprehensive’ Large Solar Power System Features


High quality components which gives you dependable grid quality power, day & night.

Simple Operation

User friendly, pre-programmed, automated ‘set & forget’ operation.


Easily expandable with it’s modular design and ac-coupling.


All applicable safety standards are exceeded; concealed wiring; sealed batteries. We take our safety, standards and regulations responsibilities very seriously.


The option to monitor your energy consumption and battery health locally or remotely.

Installation Options

Can be installed in existing infrastructure like a shed, or arrive on site as a fully-customised containerised unit. The solar panels can be mounted on your roof or on adjustable ground frames.

Technical Highlights

  • Highly sophisticated inverter/charger technology
  • One or multiple solar inverters with maximum power point tracking (MPPT)
  • Deep cycle sealed gel batteries

Powering Options

Can utilise any combination of solar panels, micro-hydro or fuel generators depending on what’s best suited to your site, needs and circumstances.