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Lobethal Road Winery

Solar panels on new shed roof at winery in Lobethal

Lobethal Rd Wines were expanding their winery but couldn’t rely on their existing old off grid system, which was too small and fading fast.

Off Grid in the Adelaide Hills

Ground mounted solar panel array in Adelaide Hills

The customer had an old off grid system that needed replacing. We needed to fit a new solar array to the existing ground mounted frames as well as adding a new ground mounted solar array.

Living and Working Off Grid

Damiens off-grid power system in country NSW

Why should we hand over so much money, only for the network to own the infrastructure, with the added bonus of us having to pay them for power. That was the obvious question. And going off grid was the obvious answer

Brian ‘BT’ Taylor Goes Offgrid

Off-Grid solar system - Great Ocean Rd - VIC

Brian & Tania purchased an existing off grid home on the Great Ocean Road, but the existing off grid system on the property was too small for their needs and had to be replaced.

Robert, East Gippsland VIC

Robert - East Gippsland, VIC - Complete off-grid solar system

Aaron was helpful and carefully weigh up options to get the design right. All of my calls were promptly returned and all my queries were dealt with. I really appreciated the personal service and good communication in developing the initial enquiry through to a design plan.

Matt, Blue Mountains NSW

Matt - Off-grid solar system - Blue Mountains, NSW

Damien took the time to explain everything thoroughly, patiently answering every dumb question I had, and telling me honestly what I didn’t need, as well as what I did need. Excellent customer service wins every time. Off-grid Energy are thorough, customer-oriented experts. Thanks for an easy transition to life off-grid!

Helen & Jon, Central VIC

Helen & Jon - Complete off-grid solar system - Central VIC

We had lots of questioins before we decided on the scale and type of off-grid system to install. We really appreciated Hugh’s willingness to answer many questions over several years. It helped us develop more confidence about what we needed in a system. We sought quotes from other companies but Off-Grid Energy’s committment to providing […]

Craig & Michelle, Riverland SA

Craig & Michelle - Off-grid solar system - Riverland, SA

Between Mark and Greg I have been extremely happy with their advice and professionalism throughout the process. Would highly recommend their work to anyone. Mark took the time to complete our load survey accurately and ensure system was sized correctly. He also came up with multiple pricing options for us and allowed us to choose. […]

Chris, Hindmarsh Island SA

Chris - Hindmarsh Island, SA - Complete off-grid solar system

It’s been up and running for a year now and it is PERFECT! My wife cooked a 3 course meal using a big belling induction stove with 4 ovens on a dark and dingy weekend and we dipped the batteries down to 80%! That recovered by mid-morning the next day. When I met Mark I […]

Andrew, Flinders Ranges SA

Andrew - Flinders Ranges, SA - Complete Off-Grid solar system

I thought the audit process was great, taking the time to go through each room in our house plan to work out what the likely power requirements were throughout the year. Was great how we could easily have a look at how much the system would change if we wanted to go fully solar or rely […]