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One Off-Grid Property, Two Off-Grid Homes

Solar panels on new home on the property

Robert & Sue had their original system installed with us in March 2015, and when they decided to build another home on the same property they contacted us to provide a new off-grid system to power it.

Peaceful Off-Grid Beach House

Solar panels for off-grid system on Hindmarsh Island

Because mains power wasn’t within the vicinity, it would have been extremely expensive to connect to the property. The customer was also very keen to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Farm Shed Off-Grid Power

Solar panels for small off-grid system on the farm

The client needed power for a farm shed, to supply basic needs like the fridge, lights, and a water pump and was happy to run any occasional larger loads directly from the generator.

‘Kinetica’ Art Installation

Partial view of Kinetica Art Installation from M2 motorway

“Designed to uplift and inspire”, the Kinetica artwork, by Artists Justin Sayarath and Sarah Anne Rodriguez, is seen by over 100,000 motorists a day on the Hills M2 Motorway at Macquarie Park.