I thought the audit process was great, taking the time to go through each room in our house plan to work out what the likely power requirements were throughout the year. Was great how we could easily have a look at how much the system would change if we wanted to go fully solar or rely on generator more often.

I felt the advice provided was excellent and am really looking forward to being able to use this system properly once our house is completed!

Very professional job, was impressed with how much attention to detail they provided. Dad commented on how much effort they put into clean up, the place was cleaner when they left than when they got there! Also really friendly, personable guys who made you feel confident and happy with the job they were doing.

From the initial meeting with Mark until installation was about 18 months so the tech had changed a bit in that time, so Mark suggsted some changes to the products which even saved me money!

Communication is very important to me and Mark and Claire were excellent at this, with very prompt replies to emails. Mark was very helpful when I was trying to get a shed manufacturer to approve the installation of solar panels.