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About Off-Grid Energy Australia

Off-Grid Energy is Australia’s trusted provider of battery storage systems for both grid connected and off the grid applications. We pride ourselves on friendly and lasting customer service, sustainable business practices, expert knowledge, highest quality workmanship, and cutting edge technology.

When you are self-sufficient, your energy storage company needs to be available 24/7 to answer questions and troubleshoot if the worst happens and the lights go out. We understand this responsibility, and do not take it lightly.

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Safety & Compliance


Carbon Offset Program

Our History

Off-Grid Energy Australia was founded in 2011 by Hugh Driscoll and Sean LePoidevin – with Emily McMahon and Randal Love making up the founding team.

After years of running the off-grid department for Australia’s largest solar company, Hugh and Sean knew they wanted to help more people gain complete energy self-sufficiency.

So when the solar company closed its off-grid department to focus on the easier grid-connect solar market we decided to act. We took our experience, our enthusiasm, the best wishes of our previous employer; and started Off-Grid Energy Australia.

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Our Values

Customer Focus: Our friendly team strives to exceed expectations at every stage of the process. We take customer satisfaction very seriously, and all decisions are made with our customers in mind.
Technical Innovation: The renewable energy and energy storage industries are in a period of rapid innovation. We work hard to stay at the forefront of technology advancement to ensure our products are always the highest quality and most efficient.
Environmentally Friendly: We pride ourselves on practicing
what we preach. To us, being a sustainable power provider means leading by example and reducing our business’s environmental footprint as much as possible. Sustainable decision-making extends to every part of our value chain. We are supporters of the Carbon Neutral reforestation program, and since 2012 have offset the carbon emissions created during every single one of our installations nationally.

Choosing Off-Grid Energy means choosing:

  • A specialist partner in sustainable power solutions
  • Off grid power delivered on time and on budget
  • A multi-award winning Australian business
  • Immediate response when required
  • Friendly staff with a can-do approach to business
  • An ongoing relationship, rather than a one-off sale
  • A company that cares about you, not just your investment
  • Committed professionals who are passionate about a sustainable future

  • How We Started Infographic


    2016 BRW Fast100 List
    Off-Grid Energy was ranked 57th in the Financial Review BRW Fast100 List for 2016.
    To see the list go to the Financial Review website.

    2014 EY Entrepreneur of the Year
    2014 EY Entrepreneur of the Year, Central Region Nominee. Director Sean LePoidevin was a nominee for the Entrepreneur Of The Year program in the Central Region (Encompassing all of South Australia and the Northern Territory). The program is the world’s most prestigious business award for entrepreneurs. The unique award encourages entrepreneurial activity among those with potential, and recognises the contribution of people who inspire others with their vision, leadership and achievement.

    2014 StartupSmart Awards, Fastest Growing Finalist
    2014 StartupSmart Awards, Fastest Growing Finalist. The awards recognise the most innovative and fastest-growing new businesses in Australia. Off-Grid Energy was a Fastest Growing Finalist, demonstrating a high percentage of growth over the past four years.

    2014 Small Business Champion Awards
    2014 Small Business Champion Awards, Specialised Business Winners. Off-Grid Energy was awarded best Specialised Business in Australia.
    For more info on our win please go to the Small Business Champion Award website.

    2013 Telstra Australian Business Awards
    2013 Telstra Australian Business Awards, Start-Up Award Winners, SA. Judges said “This innovative business challenged the solar industry with affordable power solutions for remote and off grid environments. We were impressed with the passion of the team and noted that Off-Grid Energy had created a strong business model based around industry best practice.”
    For more info please CLICK HERE.



    Alliance for Rural Electrification
    Off-Grid Energy Australia is incredibly proud to be accepted as a member of the Alliance for Rural Electrification. The Alliance is the only international business association focusing on the promotion and development of off-grid renewable energy solutions in developing countries. ARE serves as a platform for sharing knowledge and best-practices and is a partner of stakeholders in the energy field who want to engage the private sector.


    The Australian Energy Storage Council
    The Australian Energy Storage Council provides an independent forum comprising representatives of the energy storage industry. They connect local and global industry partners in this growing industry. Members have the opportunity to have a voice in deciding the future of this emerging industry, and play a critical role in creating industry standards and encouraging industry best practice for the energy storage sector.


    Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer
    Off-Grid Energy Australia has been accepted as an Approved Solar Retailer and has voluntarily signed on to the Clean Energy Council Solar Retailer Code of Conduct (authorised by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)).
    Companies that have signed on to the code have committed to provide a higher standard of quality and service, raising the bar in the solar industry.


    Clean Energy Council
    Standalone power system design and installation requires very specific skills and qualifications that are markedly different to that of other renewable energy systems (such as grid-connect solar installations). We are continually updating and refining our skills and knowldge so that our products are always at the forefront of renewable energy technology. Off­-Grid Energy is a member of the Clean Energy Council and is a nationally accredited designer and installer of standalone power and grid connected storage systems.


    The Australian Solar Council
    The Australian Solar Council promotes scientific, social, and economic development through the environmentally sound use of solar energy. The Australian Solar Council is a not-for-profit organisation that has been a catalyst for the development of solar applications for 50 years.


    The Alternative Technology Association (ATA)
    The Alternative Technology Association (ATA) is a not-for-profit organisation that exists to connect, inspire and assist people to make sustainable choices in their homes and communities. Established in 1980, the ATA provides expert, independent advice on sustainable solutions for the home to households, government and industry.

    Safety & Compliance

    We take our safety, standards and regulations responsibilities very seriously. There are many standards and regulations specific to the design and installation of battery storage systems in Australia. Systems also require very specific skills and qualifications that are markedly different to that of normal grid-connected solar installations. We are continually updating and refining our skills and knowldge so that we are always at the forefront of renewable energy technology and meet or exceed these standards.

    What this means to you:

  • Personal Safety – battery storage systems can be very dangerous if not properly installed.
  • Maximum system and component life is achieved.
  • Confidence that your system abides by Australian Law.
  • Your system meets regulations if inspected by an inspector.

    Australian & New Zealand Safety Standards

    Safety Standards and Guidelines apply for the installation of many of the components of a battery storage system – such as solar PV, batteries, all electrical works, generators, etc. Off-Grid Energy is dedicated to staying up to date with all AS/NZ Standards, and we will always aim to meet or exceed these requirements.

    Building Code of Australia & National Construction Code

    Non-domestic buildings under the code (Classes 2-9) have specific requirements for the installation of battery systems.

  • A batteries over 24V and 10Ah need to be separated from the rest of the building.
  • This typically means that batteries need to be in a plant room or separate battery enclosure, and that the walls of this room need to be made from either multiple layers of fire resistant plasterboard; or concrete, masonry, blockwork or similar material; constructed such that it qualifies as having a Fire Resistance Level (FRL) of 120/120/120 or more.

    Clean Energy Council Accreditation & Membership

    Off-Grid Energy is a member of the Clean Energy Council (CEC), and employs accredited designers and installers. We are committed to industry best-practice through the CEC Solar Retailer Code of Conduct.
    The code of conduct is a voluntary scheme for retail businesses selling solar panel systems to households and businesses. It aims to lift the bar higher than the minimum requirements set by government and regulations and bring about a better standard of service within the solar industry. It is also the only solar industry code of conduct authorised by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

  • Current Sustainability Initiatives

    Products & Manufacturing
    The products and services Off-Grid Energy provides help to replace the need for diesel-powered generators or grid supplied power, reducing the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere by these sources. The amount of carbon reduction depends on the source of the diesel, and the installation location.

    Our systems also reduce or in some cases will eliminate the need for the transportation of fossil fuels to remote areas, an added environmental benefit. Unfortunately the installation and distribution of our products does require large distances to be travelled.
    Off-Grid Energy aims to minimise travel where possible by:

  • Grouping freight items to reduce transport frequency
  • Installers sharing vehicle to get to site
  • Phoning, emailing and video conferencing with suppliers and external offices
  • Encouraging staff to use alternate modes of transport like bus, bicycle, scooter, electric cars or car pool.
  • Providing a flexible work environment to allow working from home or alternative locations
  • Purchasing carbon offsets for any flights taken

  • Waste
    The preassembly and installation of our products does not require significant amounts of water and electricity, and produces minimal waste. We are constantly trying to reduce the amount of waste produced, and ensure that it is either reused or recycled prior to disposing into landfill.

    Office Sustainability Measures

  • Utilizing natural light where possible
  • Reduction in air-conditioning & heating use by encouraging uniform flexibility
  • Installation of an air ventilation system to improve air flow throughout the office
  • Emphasis on using digital information over paper, and reducing printed paperwork
  • Turning electronic items off at power supply after each days work
  • Purchase of 100% green power
  • Separating bins for recycling of cans/bottles, scrap aluminium, scrap cable
  • Hiring a rubbish collection company that sorts and recycles what it collects, and provides us with a report of the percentage of each form of waste
  • Increasing insulation in office walls & ceiling to reduce heat/cool losses

  • Electric Car Charge Station
    Off-Grid Energy employee Randal Love owns and drives an electric car. The car is unique, and is re-charged daily at Off-Grid Energy HQ via a charge point installed at the office. We hope to increase the longevity of this unique vehicle, which we think might be the oldest EV in SA, or even Australia.

    Reclaim PV Recycling
    Reclaim PV Recycling operates an Australian Photovoltaic take back and reclaiming scheme, providing waste management and resource recovery services throughout Australia and Oceanic region.

    Installation Carbon Offset Program

    Offsets to June 2017: 187 tonnes = roughly 1309 trees

    Carbon Off-Set Program
    We have proudly partnered with Carbon Neutral, one of Australia’s leading reforestation offset organisations, to help make a true difference to the environment’s sustainability. We will offset the emissions created from every system installation with Biodiverse Reforestation Carbon Offsets from the Preston Waters project in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor.
    This partnership is helping Carbon Neutral to develop the largest biodiverse reforestation carbon sink in Australia, which in turn is helping to reduce carbon emissions, salinity and erosion, and providing habitat for endangered flora and fauna.
    In one of the world’s biodiversity ‘hotspots’, by supporting this project, we are helping to regenerate and protect this incredible natural wealth.

    To find out more about the work Carbon Neutral does, check out these videos.