Off-Grid Power Systems

Off grid power systems supply electricity to properties that are not connected to the public electricity network. Sometimes referred to as “stand-alone power systems” (SAPS), or “remote area power systems” (RAPS).

The term “living off grid” is used to refer to many things. From harvesting and storing all your own power, right through to being completely off-grid for all of your utilities and food, and being self-sufficient in every way.

Whatever your off-grid lifestyle choice, Off-Grid Energy Australia has a stand-alone solar battery system that can power your needs.

Off-Grid Power Systems Designed Around Your Lifestyle

Off-Grid Energy Australia’s stand-alone solar battery systems are carefully built using industry leading technology which are robust and are designed to last.

Our experienced and knowledgeable consultants will tailor and design a system that’s right for your application. You can rest assured that a correctly sized and professionally installed Off-Grid Energy Australia stand-alone solar system will power your lifestyle comfortably.

Your very own ‘power station’ – free from power bills.

Stand-Alone Solar Systems

Any Size | Anywhere

Our off-grid power systems will reliably power most applications.

It could be for a new or existing home or holiday retreat. We can efficiently power farms, stations, businesses or an entire community!

Whatever your needs, our off-grid stand-alone power systems are the clean and cost-competitive answer!

Functional & Compact Stand-Alone Power

Each off-grid power system we install is specifically designed to meet your property’s power needs, whether it be single-phase or 3 phase.

Most of our stand-alone solar systems require a small amount of space. They will fit neatly in a utility shed, or alternatively in our weatherproof and fully self-contained EnergyBox enclosure options. Solar panels have the option to be mounted on your roof or on ground frames. Our system design consultants will discuss the various options to determine what will best suit your property, ensuring full compliance is met.

Off-Grid Power Systems That Can Adapt To Your Needs

Different stages of your life or business demand different power needs so we’ve designed our off-grid power systems with the ability to grow, with the possibilities of incorporating any combination of solar panels, micro-hydro turbines or fuel generators to meet your changing power needs.

Versatility is why Off-Grid Energy Australia’s stand-alone power systems are such a popular choice for off-grid power supply.

Take the next step towards your off-grid vision and discuss your ideas and energy requirements with an off-grid expert. You can call or enquire online to learn what systems may suit you best – now and for the future.