Off-Grid Power System Solar Panels

Looking for off-grid power but unsure which solar panels are best for you?
Below you’ll find lots of information on different solar panel types, brands and models to help you understand the pro’s and con’s of different solar panels. We can design your off-grid system with the solar panels that are perfect for your needs and help you gain independence from the grid.

Off-Grid Energy Australia utilise a variety of solar panel technologies from leading Australian and International suppliers to accommodate for a range of solar power generation applications. Which solar panels are right for you?

Solar Panel Technologies

Monocrystalline solar panel


Monocrystalline solar panels are a proven technology that have been widely in use for over 50 years. Monocrystalline panels have a higher conversion efficiency which provides high annual yields and makes them ideal for areas where space is limited. Monocrystalline requires high grade silicon which can be costly to make.


Polycrystalline panels are installed widely thoughout Australia and tend to outperform monocrystalline modules on hotter days and in lower light conditions. They are usually marginally less space efficient though, and take up slightly more area as a result. Polycrystalline silicone cells have a simpler manufacturing process than monocrystalline.

Thin film hybrid solar panel

Thin Film Hybrid

Thin Film has great low light and shade performance qualities, as well as high temperature tolerance. Thin Film will yield more energy per Watt (kWh/kW) than any other solar panel, but is less space efficient and requires more physical area. Thin Film modules have less embodied energy, giving them a shorter energy payback period.

Thin Film Hybrid modules combine thin film with multicrystalline in order to improve space efficiency while maintaining thin film’s other attractive qualities.

Which solar panels are right for your off-grid system?

Solar Panels represent the most reliable, predictable, low cost and low maintenance source of energy for offgrid and grid connected power systems.


Solar panel modules are typically mounted on the roof or on ground mounted frames, depending on your property and needs.

Type & Quantity

The type and number of solar panels needs to be matched to your ‘load profile’ (a detailed plan of your power usage) to ensure you have enough panels to provide your electricity through the day and to fill the batteries for power usage at night.


We offer a range of solar technologies from leading manufacturers, ensuring the right technology is utilised for your situation. We always gain a full understanding of your power needs, both current and in the future, before recommending which battery should be paired with your off-grid system.

Your Preferences

Your preferences in relation to country of manufacture and technology type are always taken into account. The solar panels below are listed to educate you on the main points for each one, so that you have a better understanding of their benefits when we quote on your off-grid system.

Please note:

  • We do not sell individual solar panels on their own. All components that we sell are part of a specifically designed off-grid system for your home or business.
  • Performance and efficiency numbers listed below are subject to meeting manufacturers operating conditions.
  • Data is correct at the time of publishing and is subject to variation.


Solar Panel Technology
Solar Panel Technology
Country Of Manufacture
Country Of Manufacture
SunPower Maxeon 3 solar panel

Sunpower Maxeon 3

Sunpower Maxeon 3 brochure
  • 415 to 430W
  • 40yr Product & Performance Warranty
  • Premium panel, with excellent performance
  • Long-establish module manufacturer
  • Superior sustainability credentials
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Tindo Karra G2H solar panel

Tindo Karra G2H

Tindo Karra G2H brochure
  • 410W
  • 25yr Product & Performance Warranty
  • Australian-made module
  • Higher output using PERC half-cut cells
  • Durable, high-performing module
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Trina Vertex Commercial solar panel

Trina Vertex Commercial

Trina Vertex Commercial brochure
  • 555 to 580W
  • 25yr Power Warranty, 12yr Product Warranty
  • Designed for commercial applications
  • Lower LCE and reduced BOS cost
  • Consistent high-performing module manufacturer
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Trina Vertex S+ solar panel for off-grid system

Trina Vertex S+ N-Type

Trina Vertex S+ brochure
  • 425 to 445W
  • 25yr Product Warranty, 30yr Power Warranty
  • Designed for residential installations
  • An economic, high-performing module
  • Dual glass - excellent environmental resistance
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Winaico N-Type Bifacial solar panels for off-grid power systems

Winaico N-Type Bifacial Glass-Glass Series

Winaico N-Type Bifacial brochure
  • 425 to 435W
  • 30yr Product & Performance Warranty
  • Complimentary 2yr Insurance Coverage
  • Aesthetic all-black panel option available
  • Bifacial panel collects reflected light to boost performance
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Winaico Gemini Series solar panels for off-grid system

Winaico N-Type Bifacial Glass-Glass Series Commercial

Winaico N-Type Commercial brochure
  • 525W
  • 30yr Product & Performance Warranty
  • Complimentary 2yr Insurance Coverage
  • Larger wattage and panel size for utility applications
  • Bifacial panel collects reflected light to boost performance
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