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Our Off-Grid Projects & Case Studies

We have completed many projects across Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific. Here are a select few of our projects, covering a wide range of installation types.

Energy Independence On The Grid

Objective: The customer wanted to maximise all available roof spaces on the property to harness as much solar production as possible. This would provide both increased energy savings, and improved

Edson Piggery

The property SWER Network connection for Edson Piggery was insufficient for their needs – both now and for any future expansion. This made off grid an attractive option. The off

Port Authority Off-Grid Security & Communications

Reliable and stable power was required for critical surveillance & access control equipment – including site access gates and turnstiles – over two remote Pilbara port sites, which export vast
Solar for manufacturing business

Manufacturer Reduces Energy Costs

  A well established manufacturing facility with high power usage was seeking to reduce their ongoing power costs. An independent financial assessment was completed to confirm a solar installation would
Fiji solar

Fiji Crab Company

    System Design:  114 x Tindo Solar 265W solar modules SMA Sunny Tripower 15000TL 3 Phase Flat roof-mount array framing
green magazine battery video

green magazine Enphase Installation

Solar With Smarts from green magazine on Vimeo.
off grid lithium ion system

Off-Grid with Lithium-ion Batteries

Objective: The customer was building a new home and would have had a large cost of connection to the electricity grid. They wanted a system that would be hassle-free and comfortably
Small off grid system

Small Off-Grid Replacement System

Objective: This couple had been living with a 10 year old, 24V off-grid system that was on the property when they bought it. They battled with unreliable and insufficient power for as
tesla powerwall

Tesla Powerwall with Existing Solar

Objective: The customer wanted a battery storage system to use more of his solar, and buy less power from the grid. He liked the idea of having some backup ability as well, but
Alan Noble with his ZCell batteries

Off-Grid ZCell Installation

A residential energy system at an off-grid property in SA is the first completed customer deployment of ZCell batteries. Previously mains power was available in only one corner of the

Remote Food Facility

Objective: Earth Science Laboratories needed a small system to power a food facility in a remote part of Vanuatu. Site Considerations: System needed to be ‘supply only’ for installation by the company
off-grid housing

Huntlee Off-Grid Development

“If it can be done for a house, why can’t it be done for a town?” was the solar powered thought running through the mind of Off-Grid Energy Australia’s NSW