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Our Off-Grid Projects & Case Studies

We have completed many projects across Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific. Here are a select few of our projects, covering a wide range of installation types.


System Size
System Type
Brian & Tania purchased an existing off grid home on the Great Ocean Road, but the existing off grid system on the property was too small for their needs and had to be replaced.
The objective was to offset the school’s power usage with solar and include tesla Powerwall battery storage for educational purposes as well as offsetting small overnight loads.
In April 2018 Cathy from Outback Citrus Pty Ltd brought some land in Cooltong SA. “I started preparing the land and installing irrigation to begin planting my first section of Almonds in July.
Customer wanted this investment property to have the latest technology, a level of energy self-sufficiency and control over energy costs
The system provides full house blackout protection (including water pump, hot water, heating, even plug-in hybrid electric car charging) for long periods.
Tom’s property had an existing off-grid system (installed nearly a decade ago) with outdated flooded lead acid batteries, which was only providing a bare minimum of their household power.
The clients were building a new home in the Snowy Mountains, and required an off grid system to supply power, as a grid connection wasn’t a viable option.
The high cost to put in one or two power poles in order to get power to site made a standalone solar system financially attractive
Richard and his family wanted to build a house that was as sustainable as possible – relying on their own solar energy to run their home
Blackout protection was needed across all 3 phases, with a system output capacity that would mean no compromise to the customer’s lifestyle.
The property SWER Network connection for Edson Piggery was insufficient for their needs – both now and for any future expansion. This made off grid an attractive option.
Reliable and stable power was required for critical surveillance & access control equipment – including site access gates and turnstiles – over two remote Pilbara port sites, which export vast quantities of high quality minerals.
A well established manufacturing facility with high power usage was seeking to reduce their ongoing power costs. An independent financial assessment was completed to confirm a solar installation would be the most viable investment.
They battled with unreliable and insufficient power for as long as they could before looking into getting a replacement system.
A residential energy system at an off-grid property in SA is the first completed customer deployment of ZCell batteries
Earth Science Laboratories needed a small system to power a food facility in a remote part of Vanuatu.
If it can be done for a house, why can’t it be done for a town?
The system was required to provide the equivalent reliability, capacity (kW), and energy (kWh) availability of the grid, whilst maintaining an economic advantage
It was important to produce a clean aesthetic because of the system’s high visibility
Customer had a sizeable cost to connect to the grid, and also wanted a renewable source of power for his home
Customer has a large house with large loads and wanted their property to have the latest technology, a level of energy backup and reduced energy costs
Needed partial backup power for the home for specialist medical equipment, as well as the added benefit of reducing energy costs
Customer was seeking a level of energy independence for their home, while freeing up an existing solar system to export more back to the grid
Customers moving to existing country off-grid home with insufficient existing standalone power system
Needed a large capacity and robust system to deal with a large potential demand
Wanted power on site before family home and shed build commences. Had strong sustainability motivations.
Strong green motivations and also to negate electricity bills. Was very keen to incorporate the system design into the home.
High cost of connection for grid power, and a preference towards sustainable energy
The station was running a large, inefficient diesel generation system 24/7 for their power supply
The requirement for a renewable power solution for this project was primarily to reduce the on-going fuel consumption and maintenance costs of the remote facility
The harsh conditions and remote location meant that the power system’s reliability, robustness, and redundancy was critical to maintain uninterruptible power.
With almost all of their energy being used during the day, Loris & Craig from Mel Schmidt wanted to install solar to get rid of their power bills entirely.