Complete Power · Off-Grid Power System

The Complete Off-Grid Power Systems are the most versatile and popular of our products

This off-grid solar system comfortably powers a typical Australian home and property

The highest quality stand-alone solar system – No compromising your lifestyle

‘Complete’ Off-Grid Power System Features


No compromises.

Australia’s largest and most trusted off-grid power provider

Simple Operation

Pre-programmed, automated ‘set & forget’ operation

User friendly for everyone

Proven Performer

Tried and tested components.

Dependable power, day or night

Low Maintenance

The latest low maintenance tech

Built to last


Safe and Compliant technology and workmanship 


Easily visualise & control your off-grid power system locally or remotely

Off-Grid Energy Australia’s Complete Off-Grid Power System 

The Complete off-grid solar battery system comes pre-wired, programmed and ready for installation by our experienced team.

Solar panels can be mounted on your roof or on ground frames.

Off-Grid Energy’s EnergyBox is a plug-and-play, fully self-contained weatherproof enclosure which removes the hassle of building compatible housing for your off-grid solar system. Our AdaptUnit installs in suitable existing enclosures (sheds or utility rooms). For circumstances where EnergyBox is an unnecessary extra.

  • tailored battery inverter/charger output power
  • tailored AC-coupled or DC-coupled solar PV
  • tailored LFP lithium-ion battery capacity (expandable)
  • an automated generator

It will utilise any combination of:

  • solar panels
  • micro-hydro
  • fuel generators

depending on what’s best suited to your site, needs and circumstances.

The Off-Grid Energy Advantage

Installing battery storage isn’t as simple as installing plain solar. Our head technician has been designing off-grid systems since 2002, and our core team has been working with battery systems since 2006.

Quality Components
It’s unwise to make compromises when you are energy independent. There is a world of difference in the quality of system components, so we make sure we only source the very best.

Expert Design
Inferior off-grid systems provide frustratingly unreliable power and a costly short system life due to poor sizing, mismatched equipment, non-compliant design, and unsafe installation. Our expert technicians ensure these pitfalls are avoided.

Happy Customers
We have hundreds of happy battery storage customers across Australia. When you ask us for a customer reference, we can provide someone with an off-grid system just like yours.

We understand the responsibility of providing reliable power, and being available 24/7 to troubleshoot. We value honesty and integrity in our staff, and always strive to exceed expectations.

Endorsed, Certified & Awarded
Our fantastic, hard working team has proudly received numerous awards, industry endorsements, and certifications from respected organisations.

Energy Awards & Associations

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