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This online information portal is a knowledge base to assist our customers and system users to better understand and operate their Off-Grid power systems.  If you have questions about the operation of your system or if you think something isn’t quite right which is not answered in your user manual or this online helpdesk, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 334 839 during business hours. For assistance outside of business hours, you can contact the emergency service number (Provided when logged in, please use this for urgent matters only), or contact your Sales Consultant for assistance.

For system repairs and troubleshooting above our standard warranty inclusions (e.g. Generator), our servicing fees will apply. Please ask our team for our schedule of rates.

The password to access the helpdesk can be found in your user manual or in recent email communications from Off-Grid Energy Aust.  Please email us at if you are unable to locate the password.

This information has been produced and published by Off-Grid Energy Australia Pty Ltd. This information cannot be replicated, copied or saved on public access servers in any form without prior approval from Off-Grid Energy Australia ABN: 65 149 378 281

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