Monitoring & Communications

Easily understand, control and visualise the status of your off-grid system with informative user interfaces and advanced remote monitoring solutions.  An add-on option for all new and existing off-grid systems, easily and confidently monitor and manage important system functions such as energy usage, battery bank state of charge, generator status plus much more.

All monitoring systems can be viewed remotely via desktop or smartphone app when connected to the internet (Strongly recommended).  There are a number of different monitoring options available depending on your system configuration and equipment choice.

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Victron CCGX Display + VRM Portal

The Victron Color Control (CCGX) is an intuitive equipment control and user-friendly monitoring device. A standard inclusion in all new Off-Grid Energy Australia Victron Energy off-grid systems, the CCGX offers live system information and lets you control all connected equipment.  System data can be forwarded to the Victron remote monitoring website when connected to the internet the VRM Online Portal (Strongly recommended). Learn more about the CCGX monitor here and experience the VRM Online Portal portal for yourself at to try the demo.


Released in 2018, the is a local and remote monitoring solution for the Australian made SP Pro inverter/charger.  View live system status and important data through the portal when connected to the internet (Strongly recommended).  For more information, this online video provides a great overview and the brochure can be found here.  We encourage all SP Pro customers to include the monitoring with your system for add peace of mind and system visibility. 

Fronius Solar.web

The Solar.web portal allows you to monitor your solar systems’ performance and consumption data. Solar.web is most useful for solar systems without batteries, and is available to download as a handy phone app.

SMA Sunny Island WebBox Monitoring

The SMA WebBox RS485 was the monitoring solution of choice for Sunny Island systems until the products discontinuation in 2016.  At present, SMA doesn’t offer a suitable monitoring platform for earlier model Sunny Island systems that isn’t outrageously expensive.  Off-Grid Energy is currently working on a suitable monitoring solution that doesn’t break the bank, and can provide all the data and user features expected of it.  More to come…

Brand-Specific App

Many companies are now bringing out their own monitoring apps or web-based monitoring. Each monitoring system has different functionality and user interface, and of course is specific to the brand of equipment that you have in your system.