Autonomy System · On-Grid Solar Energy System

High level grid independence and energy security. Designed to power your entire property.
The autonomy grid connected solar power system offers;

Suitable for households who want the option to increase their independence from the grid over time without compromising on lifestyle.

Autonomy On-Grid Solar Energy System Features

The Autonomy ESS (energy storage system) is the highest capacity and most flexible and versatile solar power system available for on-grid use.

If you’re looking for enough storage to survive the night without needing to use any grid power, or something capable of running your entire home during a blackout (not just a few small circuits), then this is the solar energy system for you. In fact, the Autonomy system is the building block for eventual grid disconnection and off-grid living – just add extra Lithium-ion battery modules and solar when the time comes!

All Autonomy grid connected solar power systems include local and remote monitoring.

Grid Defection

Enables you to disconnect from the grid entirely.

High Performance

L-ion batteries and Aussie Selectronic inverters.

High Capacity

High peak power and storage capacities; 1 or 3 phase options.


Expandable solar and storage (75kWh max storage).

Plug & Play

Compact, outdoor rated, easy to install units available.


Comprehensive online consumption and system monitoring - via app or web.

Smart Home

Intelligent performance optimisation and home automation options.


The Autonomy grid connected solar energy system offers everything from increased solar self-consumption, through to full energy independence and intelligent load control.

If you dream of eventually being able to run your home ‘off-grid’, then this system is your first step.

This grid connected battery storage system differs from standard battery backup and UPS systems by its ability to run your entire property for extended periods – not just essential loads for a few hours.

Fully Automated & All Inclusive

This solar energy system is fully automated and can incorporate both new solar and any existing solar power systems – with the mains grid acting as a backup when needed.

Grid-defection option

Alternatively, take complete ownership of your electricity and  go ‘off-grid’ – just using this solar and battery storage system as your primary power supply with a fuel generator as a backup.

The Off-Grid Energy Advantage

Installing battery storage isn’t as simple as installing plain solar. Our head technician has been designing off-grid systems since 2002, and our core team has been working with battery systems since 2006.

Quality Components
It’s unwise to make compromises when you are energy independent. There is a world of difference in the quality of system components, so we make sure we only source the very best.

Expert Design
Inferior off-grid systems provide frustratingly unreliable power and a costly short system life due to poor sizing, mismatched equipment, non-compliant design, and unsafe installation. Our expert technicians ensure these pitfalls are avoided.

Happy Customers
We have hundreds of happy battery storage customers across Australia. When you ask us for a customer reference, we can provide someone with an off-grid system just like yours.

We understand the responsibility of providing reliable power, and being available 24/7 to troubleshoot. We value honesty and integrity in our staff, and always strive to exceed expectations.

Endorsed, Certified & Awarded
Our fantastic, hard working team has proudly received numerous awards, industry endorsements, and certifications from respected organisations.

Recent Autonomy On-Grid System Projects

The grid supply wasn’t sufficient for the new cellar door and accommodation at Inkwell Wines in South Australia’s McLaren Vale.
While the site had grid power available, it wasn’t adequate for the power needed by the new eco villas
The objective was to offset the school’s power usage with solar and include tesla Powerwall battery storage for educational purposes as well as offsetting small overnight loads.
Customer wanted this investment property to have the latest technology, a level of energy self-sufficiency and control over energy costs

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