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Inverters, Chargers & MPPT Solar Charge Controllers

Battery inverters, chargers and solar MPPT inverters or charge controllers (battery regulators) convert dc electricity to ac electricity (or vice versa), directs electricity where it is required, and coordinate and manage key system components such as the solar modules, batteries, grid and other power generators.

A system’s battery inverters, chargers, solar inverters and regulators must all be compatible with one another to ensure a system functions correctly.

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Battery Inverter/Charger

The inverter/charger performs multiple important functions in a battery system. Essentially the traffic conductor for electricity throughout your system. It diverts solar power from your solar inverter directly to your house loads or batteries as required, and converts stored dc energy in your batteries to ac electricity for use at night times.

Managing and protecting your batteries is the most important function of the battery inverter/charger.

Selectronic Australia
Founded in 1964, Selectronic Australia quickly established itself as a major manufacturer, and expanded into sine wave inverters in 1994. Selectronic Australia is a quality endorsed company, certified to the international quality standard IS9001:2008. Its quality and excellence in all areas of operation is at the core of its continued international success.

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Solar Inverters

The solar MPPT inverter (Maximum Power Point Tracking) converts DC electricity from solar panels into appliance friendly 240V AC electricity to either directly power loads, or to charge batteries via the separate battery inverter/charger.

Founded in 1945, Fronius is recognized as a technology leader in over 60 countries. The Austrian manufacturer produces high-quality solar electronics and data monitoring solutions.

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MPPT Charge Controllers

MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) Solar Charge Controllers maximise the production of solar power from the solar array to charge the battery bank. These solar battery regulators dc-couple the solar panels directly to the batteries for efficient and carefully managed charging and battery care.

Victron Energy
Victron is a Dutch manufacturer of power electronics for renewable energy, battery storage and mobile applications. Having manufacturing products for the marine market for many years, their wide range of solar MPPT charge controllers are robust and well suited to tough environments.

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