Fuel Generators

Fuel powered generators are incorporated into standalone systems as a backup power source. They are used to provide power during times of increased demand or extended periods of poor renewable generation.

When designing standalone systems, we aim to keep generator run-time and associated costs to a minimum. Generators are costly to purchase, expensive to run, noisy, polluting and are historically the weak link in any stand alone power system. 

Below are some of our recommendations for generators that might suit integration into an off-grid system.

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Diesel Generators

Diesel generators are recommended for most off-grid systems, especially with lean solar and battery storage capacity – such as a lithium-ion standalone system with little autonomy available. In these systems there is more reliance on the generator to power higher loads for longer periods of time – making the reliability of a diesel generator essential. These generators have larger capacities than petrol generators, and are usually more expensive.

Off-Grid Energy recommends a range of quality Kubota GL & J series diesel generators for medium stand alone power applications where medium generator demand is reliably required.

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