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Tesla Powerwall 2

Powerwall 2 is a game-changer for the grid storage market. No other manufacturer has made such significant product developments in such a short amount of time. Tesla has managed to double their battery’s capacity, reduce its physical size, build in an inverter, at a similar cost to the first Powerwall.

“Tesla is amplifying its efforts to accelerate the move away from fossil fuels to a sustainable energy future with Tesla batteries, enabling homes, business, and utilities to store sustainable and renewable energy to manage power demand, provide backup power and increase grid resilience.”

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Powerwall 2

Powerwall 2’s rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack provides energy storage for solar self-consumption, load shifting and backup power. Powerwall 2 comes in both DC and AC configurations – with the AC version including an in-built inverter.


High Performance: long life Tesla L-ion battery technology
Storage Options: 13.5kWh ‘usable’ storage
Power Output: 5kW continuous output (7kW surge)
Low Maintenance: fully automated, maintenance free
Exceptional Warranty: 10 year conditional warranty
Low Footprint: wall or floor mounting (in or outdoor)

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Tesla Powerwall 2 FAQ

1. What is Powerwall 2? How is it different from the original Powerwall?

Powerwall 2 is the newest home battery from US company Tesla. Powerwall 2 can store your solar energy for use at night, and provide power during blackouts.

Powerwall 2 has four times the energy density than Powerwall 1, more than twice the capacity, and is available in two variants: DC and AC. Powerwall 2’s new design makes it 40% more compact and allows it to be wall or floor mounted (indoors or outdoors). AC Powerwall 2 includes an inbuilt inverter to convert DC solar energy into AC energy used by your home. DC Powerwall 2 has the flexibility to pair with a number of compatible third party inverters.

Powerwall 2 can provide up to 13.5kWh for the DC version and 13.2 kWh for the AC version. The power output for both DC & AC versions is 5kW continuous, with up to 7kW surge.

2. What does ‘AC’ Powerwall mean? Where is the inverter?

Tesla has integrated a 5kW battery inverter inside the AC Powerwall – this means that the output of the Powerwall will be ready to use 240V single / split phase AC power. The AC Powerwall nevertheless looks identical to the DC Powerwall.

3. Do I choose the DC or AC Powerwall 2?

DC Powerwall 2 can be ‘paired’ with a number of compatible 3rd party battery inverters that might offer additional functionality or better compatibility with certain solar systems.

AC Powerwall 2 is well suited for homes with existing solar and for homes that need batteries for either backup or utility grid services.

Depending on installer or customer preferences, AC Powerwall can be used for new solar installations and DC Powerwall can be used for homes with existing solar.

We will be able to help you make the right decision once we understand your unique circumstances. Contact our expert staff today!

4. How much does Powerwall 2 cost?

Please refer to our Pricing tab above for indicative costing or contact us for a tailored quote (some properties require extras such as switchboard extensions and additional cabling).

5. What is the payback period for Tesla Powerwall 2?

The payback on any battery system depends on a number of things like your location, your electricity tariffs, how much solar you have, how much energy you use, and many other factors. Energy expert Bruce Mountain estimates payback periods of 5 to 11 years with the right conditions.

To speed up the time it takes to pay off your battery system, we recommend adding REPOSIT to your system. This intelligent software makes you eligible to receive up to $1 per kWh for your storage -when the grid needs it most.

6. What rebates are available for solar and batteries?

There are no government rebates for battery systems, but new solar is certainly eligible for the STC incentive scheme. There are a handful of local council rebates for battery systems – for more info please go to our Rebates & Incentives page.

7. Can I go off-grid with Tesla Powerwall 2?

Yes & No. The Tesla Powerwall 2 is has not been designed to run properties independent of the grid- and has a number of limitations including limited peak power, zero backup generator control, limited autonomy (spare bad-weather capacity), and an inability to control the solar inverters when the battery is near full – leading to potential system instability. That said, if your off-grid needs are extremely simple and within the limitations of Powerwall 2, then it is possible.

Powerwall is designed to improve your grid connect solar self-consumption and to offer a level of backup during grid outages. There are a large range of alternate technologies better suited to complex off-grid applications.

8. What other equipment do I need to go with Powerwall 2?

AC Powerwall comes with an inbuilt inverter so all you need is some solar modules and a solar inverter. A separate digital meter installs in your switchboard which tells the Powerwall what your solar and loads are doing (some properties might need a switchboard extensions to accomodate this); you will also need an internet wifi router at your home.

DC Powerwall requires a compatible 3rd party battery inverter and possibly other components particular to the inverter (such as the digital meter and wifi router). 

9. Can I use any inverter with a Tesla Powerwall 2?

Battery Inverter – only approved and compatible battery inverters can be used with DC Powerwall

Solar Inverter – any 3rd party solar inverter can be used in conjunction with Powerwall thanks to a digital meter that tells the battery inverter what your separate solar and property loads are doing. But only select approved/compatible solar inverters can continue to work during blackout/backup.

10. Which battery inverters are compatible with DC Powerwall?

Current compatible and approved battery inverters:

  • SMA Sunny Boy Storage
  • Fronius Sumo 3 Phase Hybrid
  • SolarEdge StorEdge Series

    When more inverters become compatible with Powerwall 2, we will update this information.

    AC Powerwall 2 will initially be compatible with select solar inverters from SMA, SolarEdge and Fronius. More details to come soon…

  • 11. Does the Tesla Powerwall 2 require regular maintenance?

    No, Powerwall 2 does not require ongoing maintenance. Tesla will occasionally conduct remote software updates, which will happen automatically over the internet connection.

    Keeping the product clean and protected from weather extremes and impact is important of course.

    12. What is the warranty on Powerwall 2?

    Tesla offers a 10-year warranty on Powerwall 2. Your Powerwall will be free from defects for ten years following its initial installation date. A full warranty document can be provided on request.

    13. Do you have financing available?

    Yes we do. For $0 upfront, Off-Grid Energy customers can apply for flexible 1-10 year competitive payment terms from our preferred financier. This can make your Powerwall purchase as little as $170* per week!

    Contact us on 1300 334 839 or for more info.

    14. What are the dimensions and weight of Powerwall 2?

    Powerwall 2 is 1150mm x 755mm x 155mm (H x W x D)
    DC Powerwall is 120kgs, and AC Powerwall is 2kg heavier because of the inbuilt inverter.

    15. What types of batteries does Tesla use in Powerwall 2?

    Powerwall 2 uses NMC (nickel, manganese, cobalt oxide) chemistry lithium-ion battery cell, manufactured for Tesla by Panasonic.

    Moving away from the standard 18650 cell size used in their products to date, Tesla and Panasonic are now manufacturing a new 2150 cell. Tesla say the reason for the change is “physics and economics”, and that the standardization of the 18650 was an “an accident of history” rather than being the best option for cell size.

    16. Will my Tesla Powerwall work in a blackout?

    Yes it will – provided it is installed with an inverter that is capable of ‘island’ mode. Depending on your property and appliances, this might only backup selected circuits and appliances however.

    17. Can I install multiple Powerwall’s?

    Yes, up to 9 units can be connected together.

    18. Can I charge my Powerwall 2 via the grid from my off peak tariff?

    Yes, Powerwall 2 can be programmed to charge from your off peak tariff.

    19. Can the Tesla Powerwall 2 be installed on existing solar?

    Yes, Powerwall 2 can be installed with existing solar systems, but only compatible solar inverters will continue to operate during blackout/backup situations. AC Powerwall is most suited to existing solar installations, but the DC Powerwall can also be used if that is your preference.

    20. Does the Tesla Powerwall 2 come with a monitoring system?

    Yes, the Tesla App. It provides real time solar usage monitoring, and alerts you when preparing for cloudy or severe weather. Tesla send updated software remotely using the system’s internet connection. Your Powerwall will update automatically.

    21. Is the Tesla Powerwall safe? Is there a fire risk?

    Tesla’s Powerwalls are amoungst the safest lithium-ion batteries on the market. The cells are carefully managed by the inbuilt battery management system. They are also the only battery with liquid cooling controls, decreasing the risk of fire considerably.

    22. Is the Tesla Powerwall 2 recyclable?

    Tesla have been refining their recycling program for years, and will accept Powerwall for recycling at the Gigafactory at the end of the products life. Lithium-ion batteries are up to 99% recyclable.

    23. When will the Tesla Powerwall 2 be available in Australia?

    Powerwall 2 should be arriving in Australia in early 2017. Contact us to get be one of the first installations in Australia!

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