Duck Island Residence, Studio, and Cattle Grazing

Duck Island Residence, Studio, and Cattle Grazing
Off-Grid – Comprehensive System
South East SA (Bindjali Country)
April 2023
Selectronic, Powerplus, Trina Solar, Fronius


Objectives & Site Considerations:

Landscape Beef is owned and operated by James and Lesley, and is their permanent residence as well as infrastructure for grazing stock, and studio/gallery space for showcasing their and others’ artworks. The off-grid system was required to power the entire property – a dream build designed by architect Williams Burton Leopardi, in a beautiful location in SA’s South East.

James and Lesley are conceptual artists who make social, political and environmental statements through unique site-specific installations made with mallee roots. They have exhibited their works both in Australia and Internationally.

Landscape Beef’s bulls, ‘Duck Island Composites’, are totally grass-fed and Teys Grasslands Pasturefed Standard accredited.

The single phase SWER line main supply near the build site was insufficient to provide power for the 3-phase requirements of the home, and the main supply was unable to be upgraded economically. The client was also very keen not to be connected to the mains grid.

The cattle yard sheds provided ample space for the off-grid system to be installed within, and to have solar arrays on the roof.

Load Analysis:

Average summer demand: 97.8kWh
Average winter demand: 95.7kWh
Demand surge: 38kW

System Design:

  • Selectronic SP Pro inverter/chargers (30kW)
  • Powerplus ECO batteries (95.9kWh)
  • Trina Solar modules (52.8kW)
  • Fronius Symo 3P solar inverters
  • Select.Live online remote monitoring

Project Outcome:

James got in touch after installation to say that they were very happy with the system, and to get some advice on setting up their monitoring – which couldn’t be set up at the time of installation because the internet connection hadn’t been set up yet.

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Thanks to NBH Electrical, Hybrid Power, and Underwood Building for the parts they played in this project.