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Manufacturer Reduces Energy Costs

Manufacturer Reduces Energy Costs
On Grid – Commercial Solar Installation
Royal Park (Kaurna Country), SA
May, 2018
Fronius, Trina Solar, Clenergy


A well established manufacturing facility with high power usage was seeking to reduce their ongoing power costs. An independent financial assessment was completed to confirm a solar installation would be the most viable investment.

The installation needed to be completed at a time when production lines would not to be effected, and equipment location was of importance to maintain the existing work areas. Plant operators required instantaneous visuals for generation, consumption, and logging historical data for reviews.

System Design

The system was tailored to maximise self consumption from the highest yielding roof areas, with a degree of insulation benefits throughout summer further adding to property efficiencies.

A different electricity retailer was selected to offer surplus solar feed in credits for non-operational periods.

  • 560 x Trina 270W Modules (151.2kW)
  • 4 x Fronius ECO 25.0-3 Solar Inverters
  • 1 x Fronius Symo 20.0-3 Solar Inverters
  • IntelliPro Grid Protection Unit
  • Fronius LGC Compliant Monitoring
  • Combiner Box and BOS
  • Custom Inverter Wall Fitout

Project Outcome

The system is predicted to save almost $370,000 in ten years – and pay for itself in under 5yrs. The installation was thoughtfully planned so production and operation were unaffected.

A detailed monitoring platform was included so the plant operators have an instantaneous visual on generation and consumption, and saved historical data for ongoing reviews.

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