Spinifex Arts Studio

Spinifex Arts Studio
Offgrid- Spinifex Arts Studio
Plumridge Lakes (Nyanganyatjara Country), WA
Sep, 2016
SMA, BAE, Tindo Solar, Kubota, Clenergy


Load Analysis
Ave Winter Demand: 12.03kWh/day
Design Surge: 4.42kW

Objectives & Site Considerations

The Spinifex Arts Studio is located on the edge of the remote township of Tjuntjuntjara Community, in the Great Victoria Desert of Western Australia. While the studio is walking distance to the centre of town, it is not connected to existing power infrastructure. The absence of power hindered the studio’s ability to run efficiently and made on-site management and administration impossible.

The high cost to put in one or two power poles in order to get power to site made a standalone solar system financially attractive.

System Design

  • 24 x BAE VRLA Sealed Gel Batteries (46.4kWh)
  • 18 x Tindo Solar 260W solar modules (4.68kW)
  • 1 x SMA Sunny Boy solar inverters
  • 1 x Kubota Lowboy diesel generator

Project Outcome

Off-Grid Energy Australia helped Spinifex Arts with the design of their system, and liaised with Port Containers to ensure the container was appropriately modified for the installation of the off-grid system. Power to the new office will increase capacity for the art centre to:

  • deliver training
  • improve governance
  • develop new artforms
  • educate the artists in what happens to their works once they leave the art centre
  • teach the artists about SAM (the database)
  • provide networking opportunities with artists and art centres outside the community
  • connect artists and arts workers to peak bodies and industry professional development

Customer Quote

“[The system] has been running perfectly since October 2016. We have [Off-Grid Energy Australia] booked for a maintenance check-up trip next year. The power has enabled the office and studio to have lights, powerpoints, usb charging points and connection to the internet via the new NBN Skymuster satelite. It really is AMAZING!!!”

To learn more about the Spinifex Arts Studio, check out their website:

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