Off-Grid Solar Power Systems Ballarat Region

Off-Grid Energy Australia are Ballarat’s experts for off-grid solar power systems.
If you’re looking to be self-sufficient or just want more reliable power, we can help. You’ll get our expert local knowledge, friendly customer service, the best quality components and a reliable off-grid power system that lasts for many years.

All power systems, whether for a small home or a large farm, come with remote monitoring capabilities, are individually designed to your load profile and are pre-built and tested in-house. 

Local Knowledge

OEA staff - Aaron

Aaron Lewtas

Ballarat Region Specialist

Rory - VIC - Off-grid solar power design consultant

Rory Tonkin

Ballarat Region Specialist

Off-Grid Energy Australia, established in 2011, is a national company that employs local people with extensive technical experience.

For the Ballarat region, Aaron Lewtas and Rory Tonkin are your specialists. Collectively they’ve been working in the solar and off-grid industry for 24 years and have personally overseen the installation of well over 40 off-grid power systems around Ballarat since 2014.

Aaron or Rory can help you to work out your specific requirements for an off-grid system and will put together a comprehensive quote and plan that meets your needs. They can also provide references to people in your local area who have purchased a system from us.

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Local Ballarat Tip

There are some specific requirements for off-grid solar systems in the Ballarat area. For example, due to the cold nights in the region, the lithium batteries and other equipment need to be insulated properly so they aren’t affected by the cold.

The Off-Grid Energy Advantage


Installing solar battery storage isn’t as simple as installing solar. Precise load profiling, component selection and integration is required to ensure successful, reliable ongoing operation. Off-Grid Energy has been designing off grid power systems since 2002 and working with solar battery systems since 2006. We are specialists in On & Off grid solar system solutions, both big and small and provide reliable power supply and storage systems.

Quality Components

Installing a solar battery storage system is a long-term investment and one that you’ll rely on to power your property each and every day. There are many different standards of quality out there for system components. We don’t believe you should make compromises on the quality of any of your off grid solar system components, so we only source the very best to give you trouble free delivery.

Expert Design

The design, sizing and programming are integral to an on or off grid power system’s reliability. Poorly designed off-grid solar systems provide frustratingly unreliable power and a costly, short life span due to poor design or size, mismatched equipment, non-compliance and unsafe installation. Our expert technicians ensure these pitfalls are avoided for seamless operation and longevity.

Happy Customers

We have thousands of happy on and off grid battery storage customers across Australia. When you ask us for a customer reference, we can provide someone with a similar stand alone solar system and battery storage to what we would recommend for your needs. You can also feel free to browse our written testimonials.


We understand the responsibility of providing reliable power and being available to our clients 24/7 to troubleshoot and support. We value honesty and integrity in our staff and always strive to exceed expectations.

A Bright Future

We have off grid power system installations in every state of Australia and have now expanded into New Zealand and the Pacific. We provide comprehensive support to our nationwide network of solar battery system installers and consultants from our head office in South Australia.

Here To Help

Please contact us with any questions you may have about our stand alone solar systems, or our on grid solar battery system options. We would love to help. Or you can request a quote for your property.

We look forward to welcoming you as an Off-Grid Energy customer!

We have planted 1309* trees!

Off-Grid Energy is a very proud supporter of Carbon Neutral.

We purchase carbon offsets for our installations to help reduce our impact on the environment. For more info on the work that Carbon Neutral does, please click here and go to the Carbon Offset Program tab.

*Trees planted are an estimate based on the total carbon offsets purchased. GIF via Tim Thomas.

About Us

Off-Grid Energy is Australia’s trusted provider of solar battery storage systems for both grid connected and off grid solar system applications. We pride ourselves on friendly and lasting customer service, sustainable business practices, highest quality workmanship, cutting-edge technology and our expert knowledge in all areas of solar battery storage and off grid solar systems.