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Off-Grid Solar Power Systems Ballarat

Off-Grid Energy has been installing off-grid solar power systems in Ballarat for 20 years. You can be sure that you’ll get our friendly customer service, expert local knowledge, the best quality components and a reliable off-grid power system that lasts for many years.

All power systems, whether its for a small home or a large farm, come with remote monitoring capabilities, are individually designed to your load profile and are pre-built and tested in-house. 


The Autonomy grid connected solar energy system offers everything from increased solar self-consumption, through to full energy independence and intelligent load control.

If you dream of eventually being able to run your home ‘off-grid’, then this system is your first step.

This grid connected battery storage system differs from standard battery backup and UPS systems by its ability to run your entire property for extended periods – not just essential loads for a few hours.

Fully Automated & All Inclusive

This solar energy system is fully automated and can incorporate both new solar and any existing solar power systems – with the mains grid acting as a backup when needed.

Grid-defection option

Alternatively, take complete ownership of your electricity and  go ‘off-grid’ – just using this solar and battery storage system as your primary power supply with a fuel generator as a backup.