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‘Grid Defection’ – Disconnecting from the electricity grid

‘Grid Defection’ – Disconnecting from the electricity grid
Grid-Connected – Autonomy System
Adelaide (Kaurna Country), SA
Dec 2020
Selectronic, BYD, Trina, Fronius, Clenergy


Objectives & Site Considerations:

This retired client owned an energy-efficient suburban house south of Adelaide and wanted to make their home standalone for power to give them independence from electricity retailers and energy policy. The system would need to accommodate future EV charging, and they would be removing their gas heater but keeping gas for cooking and hot water. An existing 6.5kVA generator could be used as a backup, and the client wanted to investigate incorporating their existing 1.9kW solar system into the new system design.

Load Analysis:

Average summer demand: 18.31kWh
Average winter demand: 17.39kWh
Demand surge: 6.34kVA

System Design:

  • Selectronic 7.5kW Inverter Charger
  • BYD Premium LVS batteries (24kWh)
  • Trina Solar Panels (7.92) + existing 1.9kW solar
  • Fronius Primo 8.2 solar inverter
  • Select.Live remote system monitoring
  • Roof-mounted solar framing

Project Outcome:

Once the system was installed, the client went through the process of disconnecting from the grid with their retailer (at the time) AGL. The simplest and cheapest method involved closure of their AGL account and disconnection by removing the fuse (referred to by AGL as a “Move out Request”) – rather than permanent meter abolishment.

The client was looking into buying their EV in late 2022 and contacted us in mid-2023 with some questions about running their backup generator – which hadn’t been needed for two years.

Customer Feedback: “We are loving being off grid and learning lots.”