Off-Grid Home plus Guest House

Off-Grid Home plus Guest House
Off-Grid – Comprehensive System
Fleurieu Peninsula (Ngarrindjeri Country), SA
Sept 2017 and Nov 2021
Selectronic, Fronius, BAE, REC, Trina


Objectives & Site Considerations:

Omar got in touch with us in 2017 to get a quote on upgrading an existing off-grid system on his property. The existing 24V system wasn’t suitable for upgrading, so it was replaced with a new off-grid system that was suitable for his needs.

After the original off-grid system installation in 2017, the client came back to us in 2021 to install a second off-grid system for his new home, and relocate the original system to their guest house.

Load Analysis:

2017 Single Phase System
Average summer demand: 14.82kWh
Average winter demand: 17.28kWh
Design surge: 8.48kW

2021 3 Phase System
Average summer demand: 84.9kWh
Average winter demand: 87.1kWh
Demand surge: 28.2kW

System Design:

  • 2017 Single Phase System
    • Selectronic Inverter/Charger (7.5kVA)
    • BAE VRLA Sealed Gel Batteries (46.5kWh)
    • REC Solar 290W Solar Panels (7.54kW)
    • Fronius Primo 6kW Solar Inverter
    • Ground mounted solar framing
  • 2021 3 Phase System
    • Selectronic Inverter/Chargers (22.5kVA)
    • Powerplus LiFe Premium Lithium-ion batteries (99kWh)
    • Trina Solar 450W solar modules (39.6kW)
    • Fronius Symo 15.0-3 Solar Inverters
    • Ground mounted solar framing

Project Outcome:

The new 3-phase off-grid system runs the client’s new house and charges his EV, and the original single-phase off-grid system comfortably powers his guest house.

An early product fault needed to be investigated and rectified after the installation of the second system in 2021, this was resolved following some determined hard work by our tech team. This hard work in partnership with the manufacturer led to them identifying and resolving a supply chain hiccup that was believed to be causing the problem.

Customer Feedback: “As always, I cannot fault your professionalism and customer care, thank you!”