Off-Grid Power Action Plan

Action plan for off-grid solar power system

Create your own off-grid power action plan…

Just as we are reminded to prepare a bushfire plan, developing a contingency plan for unexpected power outages will ensure such an unfortunate event is less stressful, and power gets restored quickly and easily.

Familiarising yourself with your off-grid system is vital. You must be comfortable navigating the components in your off-grid system, including shutdown and restart procedures. Keep important spare parts and ensure ready access to emergency lighting.

Tips to prepare and get you out of trouble in such an event:

  • Complete a full system shutdown and startup procedure – following the shutdown procedure instructions provided
  • Understand what each circuit breaker in your system switchboard and other switchboards are responsible for isolating
  • Complete a test phone call from the equipment location. Ensure you can make and receive good quality calls
  • Keep your system user manuals and spare DC Battery Fuses conveniently accessible.  Spare battery fuses can be purchased from most electrical retailers if needed
  • Have extension cords and powerboards ready to directly connect your generator to critical household loads if needed (Eg. Fridge, lamps, phone, modem)
  • Ensure a ready supply of emergency lighting (e.g. test torch batteries)
  • Routinely check generator fuel, oil and functionality
  • Keep basic relevant tools conveniently accessible – this might include screw drivers or allen/hex keys to remove inverter lids (under instruction), and spanner sets for tightening battery terminal bolts

The online Customer Helpdesk Portal is a valuable quick source of information available 24/7 if trouble strikes!

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