Aussie Renewables Manufacturing

CETO - Wave Energy - Australian Renewable Energy

The manufacturing sector in Australia has taken a bit of a hit in recent times, yet we have a huge opportunity to become a leading manufacturer of quality renewable energy and battery storage systems.

Australia is in the unique situation where we have huge distances over which to distribute energy – meaning huge costs – and high accessibility to renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and tidal power.

Companies such as RedFlow and Tindo Solar have emerged as quality Australian manufacturers, showing that it is possible to successfully manufacture here and compete with international players.

With projects like the wave energy farm on the Garden Island Naval Base (image above, more info HERE.), the Tathra community-owned solar farm (more info HERE), and the Nyngan 102MW solar plant (more info HERE) emerging, the opportunities for manufacturing our own renewable energy equipment are ever-increasing.

With strategic Government investment, the Australian manufacturing sector could have it’s day in the sun again. This time, quite literally.

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