Council Approval for Off Grid Systems

ground mounted solar panels

If your off-grid solar installation isn’t already incorporated in your house planning and building approval, then your council may require you to get this approval before the installation of your solar array/s (your batteries, inverters and associated equipment don’t usually need approval, councils are usually only interested in the solar component). Off-Grid Energy can’t complete council approval applications on your behalf or determine individual customer eligibility.

How Do I Know If I Need Approval?

We recommend speaking to your local council and/or the person responsible for your home building approvals to make sure your solar approval requirements have been covered.

You might require council approval if;

  • Your solar array will be installed on tilt frames or on ground-mounted frames
  • Your solar array will be installed near your property boundary
  • You’re located in South Australia

You will require council approval if;

  • You’re located in Tasmania and your solar installation:
    • Will cover more than 38m2
    • Or is installed on tilted array frames
    • Or is installed on ground-mounted poles over 3m high
    • Or your ground-mounted frames are custom-engineered or non-standard
    • Or is installed on a commercial building
    • Or is part of an overall project (i.e. house build) costing over $20,000

What Do I Need To Gain Approval?

Here’s some of the documentation your council may request in order to grant your approval. Off-Grid Energy can provide you with items 3 to 5 on this list – please just let your Off-Grid Energy Sales Consultant know.

  1. Council-specific application or building permit forms
  2. Certificate of Title
  3. Solar panel datasheet
  4. Engineering certificate for solar array framing
  5. Site Plan including
    • Google satellite image
    • Shows the location of the solar panels
    • Shows property boundaries
    • Accredited Designers name
    • Project Address
    • Client Name
    • Land Title reference number
    • Panel brand, type, and number of panels

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