Overcoming the Limitations of SWER Lines with Solar and Battery Storage

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Single Wire Earth Return (SWER) lines have been a cornerstone of rural electricity distribution for decades. Designed to provide power to remote and sparsely populated areas, SWER lines have been cost-effective but come with their set of limitations – including voltage fluctuations, limited capacity, and vulnerability to faults. 

The integration of solar power and battery storage can address many of these challenges, providing more reliable and sustainable electricity supply to rural properties. 

Offsetting Load Demand

Solar systems can offset the load demand during peak hours. By generating electricity during daylight hours, solar panels can reduce the load on SWER lines, thereby minimising voltage fluctuations and improving the overall reliability of the system.

Distributed Generation

Solar power allows for distributed generation, meaning electricity can be generated close to where it is consumed. This reduces the strain on SWER lines by reducing the distance over which electricity needs to be transmitted, thereby minimising losses and improving efficiency.

Peak Shaving and Load Levelling

Battery storage systems store excess energy generated by the solar during the day for use during peak demand periods or when solar generation is low. This process, known as peak shaving and load levelling, can help stabilise the voltage and frequency of the SWER line, making the system more reliable.

Backup Power Supply

Battery storage systems can also serve as a backup power supply during outages or when SWER lines experience faults. This ensures uninterrupted electricity supply to rural communities, enhancing the resilience of the power distribution system.

Our Autonomy Systems are perfect for homes looking for more energy security. If you need more power capacity or stability for your business, our Commercial Systems are the best fit. 

To find out how your home or business might benefit from a solar & battery system, get in touch with our team.

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