Global EV Race

Tesla-Model-S Electric Vehicle

California has the most stringent electric vehicle (EV) rules in the world, and is driving innovation in the electric car market. They require all major car makers to offer electric versions of at least one of their vehicles in order to be allowed to sell their petrol models. This is putting pressure on major manufacturers to improve their EVs for the wider market, in turn making them more affordable. There are now 10 EV models available in California under $25k.

Not wanting to be left behind, China is considering funding the install of EV charging stations across the country – at a cost of $16billion. The government is hoping this initiative will drive the demand for electric cars.

Norway has the highest number of electric vehicles per capita, with Oslo recognized as the EV capital of the world. An amazing 12.9% of all new car sales in Norway were electric in the first half of 2014. Norway became the first country in the world to have electric cars topping the new car sales monthly ranking. Nissan Leaf and Tesla Model S are the highest sellers in this market and are leading the way in performance and reliability.

Meanwhile in Australia it’s still early days, with proportionally very few people driving EVs. We are slowly adjusting to the new market, and new developments and further inevitable cost reductions will surely see us catch up with the rest of the world soon.

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