‘Grid Defection’ – Disconnecting from the electricity grid

Objectives & Site Considerations: This retired client owned an energy-efficient suburban house south of Adelaide and wanted to make their home standalone for power to give them independence from electricity retailers and energy policy. The system would need to accommodate future EV charging, and they would be removing their gas heater but keeping gas for […]

Grid Independence in Central Victoria

Objectives & Site Considerations: This client had an existing grid-connected house on a farm property that he wanted to take ‘off-grid’ as much as possible. Energy independence was a big driver for him, as well as blackout protection because outages are common in the area. The client expressed a preference for lithium-ion batteries and premium-quality […]

Katherine, Kinglake VIC

Grid-connected solar system - Kinglake, VIC

I would recommend Off-Grid Energy Australia. From the beginning they were the only solar company that I spoke to that actually listened to what I wanted out of a solar and battery system. Aaron and team spent a lot of time discussing and designing a system which met my requirements as well as complied with […]

Off-Grid Eco Villas

Arial view of Kangaroo Island holiday homes with off-grid power system

While the site had grid power available, it wasn’t adequate for the power needed by the new eco villas

Susan, Melbourne VIC

Susan - Melbourne, VIC - Solar system with Tesla Powerwall

The Off-Grid Energy team has integrity and credibility. All staff I dealt with were great people to work with and talk to, but I must say that Rory Tonkin is a real asset to the organisation. I was even more impressed when the senior managers stepped in and dealt with problems during the commissioning phase.

Primary School

268 solar panels on primary school

The objective was to offset the school’s power usage with solar and include tesla Powerwall battery storage for educational purposes as well as offsetting small overnight loads.

Kris & Paula, O’Sullivan Beach SA

Kris and Paula Automomy On grid Solar System

Super team. You know your product and have the knowledge and experience that goes with it. Its a real pleasure dealing with people who go the extra yard (meter), that assistance always make a great impression of the Company. Fantastic, really happy with the overall unit. The installer Greg was a champ explained and answered […]

Wendy, Brisbane QLD

Wendy On Grid Solar Panels

Off-Grid Energy was recommended by [Sustainability Coach] Michael Mobbs. Something I really like about Off-Grid Energy is the professional, efficient and helpful manner in which the entire team communicated with us, answered our questions and kept us informed with the process. Thank you, all. It was a pleasure dealing with you.