Off-Grid Home plus Guest House

Objectives & Site Considerations: Omar got in touch with us in 2017 to get a quote on upgrading an existing off-grid system on his property. The existing 24V system wasn’t suitable for upgrading, so it was replaced with a new off-grid system that was suitable for his needs. After the original off-grid system installation in […]

Off Grid Garden of Eden NSW

Objectives & Site Considerations: Garden of Eden Australia is owned and operated by Alexis Cartwright and Kay Bowden. As their website says, the off grid experience at the Garden of Eden slows you down. Away from the hustle and bustle of modern life, at the Garden of Eden you can sit back, breathe in, and […]

Mt Boothby Pastoral Off-Grid Feed Mill

Objectives & Site Considerations: Mt Boothby Pastoral Co is a family-owned, mixed farming operation including cows, sheep, pigs and cropping. The Feed Mill property had been running entirely on diesel, which was extremely expensive and labour-intensive for the organisation. Load Analysis: Average summer demand: 129.5kWh Average winter demand: 129.5kWh Demand surge: 75.4kW System Design: Selectronic […]

Duck Island Residence, Studio, and Cattle Grazing

The single phase SWER line main supply near the build site was insufficient to provide power for the 3-phase requirements of the home, and the main supply was unable to be upgraded economically.

Sabble Farm

Sabble Farm - Off-grid solar panels 01

This off-grid solar system we installed in Victoria was featured on the TV Show “Goin’ Off-Grid”

Carinya Cottages – Luxury Off Grid Escape

Luxury escape Carinya Cottages in Byron Bay NSW with comprehensive off-grid power system

Faced with the cost of a grid infrastructure upgrade, new transformer and private power poles – they decided that going off grid was a much more reliable and cost-effective option.

Outback Citrus


In April 2018 Cathy from Outback Citrus Pty Ltd brought some land in Cooltong SA. “I started preparing the land and installing irrigation to begin planting my first section of Almonds in July.

Edson Piggery

The property SWER Network connection for Edson Piggery was insufficient for their needs – both now and for any future expansion. This made off grid an attractive option.

Port Authority Off-Grid Security & Communications

Reliable and stable power was required for critical surveillance & access control equipment – including site access gates and turnstiles – over two remote Pilbara port sites, which export vast quantities of high quality minerals.