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Manufacturer Reduces Energy Costs

Solar for manufacturing business

A well established manufacturing facility with high power usage was seeking to reduce their ongoing power costs. An independent financial assessment was completed to confirm a solar installation would be the most viable investment.

Fiji Crab Company

Fiji solar

System Design:  114 x Tindo Solar 265W solar modules SMA Sunny Tripower 15000TL 3 Phase Flat roof-mount array framing

Microgrid System on Luxury Farm Estate

containerised batteries

The system was required to provide the equivalent reliability, capacity (kW), and energy (kWh) availability of the grid, whilst maintaining an economic advantage

Not-For-Profit Mini-Grid

Off grid solar installers

The requirement for a renewable power solution for this project was primarily to reduce the on-going fuel consumption and maintenance costs of the remote facility

Remote Train Monitoring System

Solar Ground Mount Array

The harsh conditions and remote location meant that the power system’s reliability, robustness, and redundancy was critical to maintain uninterruptible power.

Solar for Business

30kW grid connected solar system

With almost all of their energy being used during the day, Loris & Craig from Mel Schmidt wanted to install solar to get rid of their power bills entirely.